This page provides a quick glance at some of the ministries that we as a church are committed to.

Sunday Church Services

Our Sunday services exist for the glory of God. It's Him we want to worship, and His Church we want to edify. Each Sunday we join together to learn from God's word, sing songs, pray, celebrate the sacraments, and have meaningful christian fellowship. If you wish to join us, or if you would like more information about our services, please follow this link.  


Midweek Studies

 We have four Mid-week Studies and they exist to aid us in our growth as christians. Every week we come together to study God's word, pray with one another, and nurture deeper fellowship. These studies, offer a format in which people can comfortably ask questions, participate in discussions, pray for one another, share their struggles, and encourage each other. They are held at various locations South of Brisbane and anyone is welcome to attend. For more information, please follow this link.  


 Sunday School

During our Sunday morning church service, children between the ages of 3-12 years are encouraged to attend our Sunday School. We highly value children and their place in the church, and therefore we want to help parents see their children grow and flourish in the faith. At the Sunday School, children are encouraged to learn from God's word, memorise scripture, participate in prayer, have fun with friends and enjoy various activities related to the topic of the morning. Parents are also provided with an overview of the lesson, and given material to take home so that they can reinforce the lesson with their children during the week.  


Youth Outreach

On Friday nights during the school term, we have a youth outreach. Plenty of young people join us for a night of fun, sports, games, socialising, and - most importantly - hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The majority of young people who attend this event are from non-Christian backgrounds, and our prayer is that God will bring many of them to a saving knowledge of Himself through this ministry. Follow this link for more details. 

HC 2 

Evangelism & Missions

We strive to be faithful to the Great Commission, and therefore we are very much committed to evangelistic work. Most months we'll have teams going out around Brisbane sharing the good news, and at least once a year we'll send a team overseas for a short term evangelistic trip. For these overseas trips, we will normally partner with local congregations in the areas that we visit, and will try  to assist them in their own local gospel efforts. To date, we have predominantly focused on south-east Asia; e.g. The Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand. 

 Ministry Seminars

By working with overseas bible colleges and churches, we regularly provide pastoral and theological training to ministers and seminary students. We do this at least once or twice a year. Up until now our main areas of focus have been the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, but we are excited to see what other opportunities God will open up for us in the future. If you'd like to submit a request or make a proposal for a ministerial training event, please follow this link.   


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