Articles by Theunis Pretorius

Find A Housetop

I begin by asking a question with an obvious answer: Why do people use megaphones? You don’t need to be awfully intelligent to know that it’s because the person using the megaphone wants their voice to be heard. A megaphone is a tool to use when you have something to say, and you want the crowds to hear it.

Jesus Christ once gave his disciples a command where he – in effect – told them to go find some megaphones and make use of them:

What I tell you in the dark say in the light and what you hear whispered proclaim on the housetops” (Matt. 10:28)

It’s pretty difficult to miss what Christ is saying here. When something is ordered to be taken from the dark into the light, or from the confines of a quiet room to a loud roof top announcement where crowds are passing by, you can be certain that this message is supposed to be made known.

When Jesus told his disciples to take his message into the light, and proclaim it from the housetops, he was basically – to use a more contemporary image – telling his disciples to go find themselves a megaphone and use it to make sure this message reaches the ears of the public.

The truth about Jesus and all that he taught, was never supposed to be kept in the dark. His message was never one that was supposed to just be quietly spoken about inside the walls of our church buildings or tightly nit social circles. From the very moment that Christ announced it, this message was intended to reach the ears of the masses!

So here is a challenge for us then: Just as Christ sent out his disciples, he has commissioned all of us to do the same (Matt. 28:16-20). We must then, ask ourselves the all-important question: Where is my housetop? What megaphone am I using to make sure that the truth of Christ is reaching the passing crowds?

We never see the disciples literally yelling a message from a rooftop, but we do see the disciples making use of synagogues, market places, public squares, temple courts, amphitheatres and numerous other places where they could reach crowds.

The clear command here from our Lord, is that we must use whatever platform we can, to get the message of Christ to the world. Wherever people pass-by or can be reached, there is a housetop opportunity for you to spread the truth of Christ.

Your work place is a housetop. Your facebook page is a housetop. Your university grounds is a housetop. Your local market is a housetop. Your sporting team is a housetop. These are all like platforms beneath your feet, upon which you can stand and make sure that the message of Christ is clearly aired for the public to hear.

Use your platform, or find a platform, or make a platform. Urgently do what you need to do, so that the truth of Christ may be unmistakably sounded in the open light, for all to hear.