Hope RBC Turned Seven!

Hope RBC Turned Seven!

Yesterday was the birthday of Hope Reformed Baptist Church. We turned seven!

Our first service was held on the, 14th September, 2008. From 6pm to 7pm.

My wife (Katarina) and I booked a small, side room at the Springwood Community Centre (where we now have midweek study). We didn’t tell anyone except Katarina’s parents who showed up to give their support and even brought a friend. Katarina also had a friend from school come along, but that was it.

We had 6 people that first Sunday. Then proceeded to boast an average of 3 people, for the next couple of months.

Those were very formative and difficult times, but we sensed God desired to do something with us and our tiny little group. So we pressed on. We moved into the main hall at the Springwood Community Centre for a weekly morning service early 2009 and progressed to the Springwood Seventh Day Adventist building about mid-year 2010 – where we still worship now.

Those years seem like a lifetime ago and many of the faithful people who make up our church family today probably did not even know that we existed back then. Yet these days, not a week goes by where I don’t get the privilege of seeing God move in their lives.

I am very happy we pressed on in those early days, I am very proud to be able to call this our church home, and I am incredibly excited for the bright future that the Lord still has planned for us.

God bless and happy birthday Hope Reformed Baptist Church.

Craig Ireland
Teaching Elder of HRBC