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Give the King His Due

Give the King His Due


“Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe.”
– Hebrews 12:27


Doctrine: By placing our trust in Christ, we are made citizens of His Kingdom; a Kingdom of infinite value, eternal rule, and as indomitable as its King. All else will be shaken, things in heaven and on earth, and everything that is not grounded in Him–not surrendered to Him as King–will be uprooted and blown away like chaff.


Application: Let us,

— be grateful,

How grateful would one might be if they were to receive (by sheer grace) the world’s greatest kingdom, the world greatest treasure, the world’s greatest military and political powers? Yet the one united to Christ by faith receives a Kingdom infinitely more valuable, and most importantly, eternal.


— offer God acceptable worship,

It shouldn’t be surprising that God is not only specific as to the necessity of His own worship, but also particular about how. Worship that honours God and that is acceptable, is that which is ordained by Him and revealed in His Word. The invention of novel forms of worship are not flattering to God and He is not pleased by them. We Christians, when reading our bible, note the very specificity of God’s design in worship even down to the measurements and colours used in His tabernacle. He is a precise God and calls for His people to worship Him with precision.


— be reverent/be in awe,

These two attitudes prescribed here relate to worship. It’s possible to tick all the boxes of precise worship, and yet fail to posture the heart to be reverent and in awe. Everything the bible reveals about the Being of God demands reverence. He is a consuming fire and His immensity, glory, holiness, and inexhaustible power demonstrate the absolute necessity that all worship, and reference to Him, be full of awe. This ought to be natural (nothing could be more ‘natural’ than to be in awe before the Being who is essentially awesome/awful) yet due to the distraction of the world and messiness of life, due to sin and resident unbelief, we must make this determination to fight for reverence and labour to exercise awe toward the God who is thrice Holy.